EC Gas LPG Cylinders

The LPG Revolution begins today! EC Gas is the next generation LPG cylinder technology. These EC Gas composite cylinders are manufactured by Hexagon Ragasco, the biggest manufacturer of composite cylinders and also the most advanced production facility in the world. Approved in more than 40 countries around the world, EC Gas composite cylinders have an unmatched track record in safety and durability.

  • Safe: Non-explosive and is made up of non-corrosive materials that will not stain surfaces.

  • Lightweight: 70% lighter than steel containers, easy to transport, easy to change, easier to handle and lift.

  • Translucent: The current gas level can be seen at all times.

  • Attractive: The casing has a unique design with durable construction.



  • Allows businesses to acquire market share by introducing an appealing and differentiating product. First and only Fiberglass Composite Cylinders in the Philippines.

  • Helps to retain customers and increase loyalty.

  • Operations: Reduced maintenance costs, easier handling

  • Lightweight: 70% lighter than steel containers, reduced transport costs and operator workloads.

  • Security: Non-explosive. Non-corrosive materials that will not stain surfaces.

  • Translucency: Visible gas levels provide a visual guarantee that the cylinder is full.

  • Casing: Attractive casing, stackable, innovative.

Certifications & Approvals​